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12 Feb 2007--Time for the Closing Logo

I love when I don't have to complain about anything serious, and today is one of those days. Today, I'll be pontificating over the animated logos at the end of TV shows.
WAIT why would I be doing that? It doesn't matter what the logo of some syndicator or production company is, right? On the contrary. That three to four seconds of self-presentation determines exactly how hip or un-such the company in question appears, and therefore, is. If it's good, then people may actually look forward to it after a show they like. If not, then it's bad.
Let's start with the good. Who's seen the...wait. Forget it. I can't think of any I really like that much, except for the Nickelodeon lightbulb, which was replaced at about the turn of the decade. The buzzing combined with the contrast of bright orange against a solid black background was almost worthy of a standing ovation.
Now for the so-so. CBS/Paramount. Pink/blue everywhere and a standard post-'94 era fanfare. I almost fall asleep in the incredibly short span of time this is shown.
And now for the bad. We're well out of sight from the 80's by now, so closing logos today aren't so terrifying, but there is one truly horrible closer hanging around. Anybody who watches Adult Swim, and I know at least one of you people do, is familiar with the Williams Street logo. I can't stand it. The slowly swimming, very bright monochrome image combined with the sound of the metal hammer (this is actually ripped from the black-and-white era logo of Mark VII Productions) hurts my head, although the "SKULL!" almost halfway makes up for it by bringing me back from the substance-abuse type of high-brightness disorientation. I hated to put this one down, being such an Aqua Teen fan.
That's all I've got right now, actually, from just my memory. If you're interested in the older neon frightfests head here
or to YouTube to do a search. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, hang out with them instead and be thankful.

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