Hot Times Hot Words

And what now of Forsyth County?
Pro-life? I'm pro honesty with oneself
Hot medieval times
A douche and turd situation
Why, Georgia?
It's a mad mad mad Milton
Doug Parker is an unwiped asshole
Time for the Closing Logo
The almighty roach

I know. It's purple. But I picked it out at 3:30 AM and thought it looked better than the pink one. I mean, 'cause, I'm totally straight and everything. But I like purple.
Call it a blog, if you can't find any other word for it. I figured the internet needs more interesting stuff on it, though, as opposed to text uninteresting and irrelevant to everyone, hence me not wanting to use "blog" to name it. Ouch BURRN.
Also, please note that the newest entries are farther down on the navigation bar, rather than at the top like most webpages. I prefer this way, personally, as the old entries don't get buried forever.
Now, this I put on the front page so you don't have to look for it ever again: my name is Matthew Wamboldt, DOB 24 March 1990, Northside Hospital, Atlanta/Sandy Springs, GA (address listed as Atlanta), the first of three children, all boys. I can be a troublemaker, with a bad temper, but sometimes I try hard to make peace, and can attempt to hold conversations with perhaps anyone. Never had a girlfriend or been on any kind of "date", not by choice, but because I am apparently a loser or just weird and I don't play sports. You will never in a thousand million years see my photo up here, by the way. Bad things have happened to me before, see, not necessarily involving stalkers but generally scary/deranged internet people. No, I don't have acne; no, I am not overweight, and actually lift weights when I have the time, which is usually daily. No, I am not available for any internet relationship ever, now go outside.
I am a relatively content Catholic, but strictly within the bounds of not-mental illness. (see Catholic League and Opus Dei for fruity loops) My favorite song ever is The Winner, opener to the 1991 OVA Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. I live now in zip code 30039 in Gwinnett County, south of Snellville, GA, and really would rather hightail it to downtown Atlanta as soon as I'm old enough to live alone, which is 18 as far as my parents are concerned.

Oyes--my school. Regina Caeli academy. Catholic, private, small, three days in-school two days homeschool, Norcross, Beaver Ruin Road. Small children and big children. Possibly/probably run by Catholic fruity loops. Fourth and final year. I can't type. Full sentences. It's too early. Are. You still reading this? Find something. Better to do maybe?

Y'all just enjoy yourself.

冷めかけた紅茶飲みながら 指にからむ糸を遊ばせ