The Clueless Commuter's Guide to MARTA

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Where it Goes
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A map of MARTA's rail system.

The MARTA rail system is designed around the cardinal directions of a compass. There is a North-South line, with a Northeast spur; the northern terminus is North Springs, the northeastern Doraville, and the southern Airport station, although for practical purposes the College Park station is often utilized instead as the terminus of choice for northbound commuters. Suburban stations usually offer free daily parking; long-term parking is usually priced, although for travelers bound for the airport this is a far less expensive option than parking at or near the airport.
The East-West line runs roughly perpendicular, and has a single-station spur designed only for two-car trains, to Bankhead in northwest Atlanta. The western terminus for long trains is Hamilton E. Holmes (formerly Hightower station), the eastern Indian Creek; Bankhead trains end at King Memorial station except during rush hours (Edgewood/Candler Park) and after 8:00 PM (Vine City).
Take note: service frequency is reduced on weekends. MARTA is closed from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM.
For bus schedules, visit MARTA's webpage at