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Riding MARTA
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A busy rail car on MARTA's North-South line--this is my own photo.

MARTA has undergone many fare increases since their initial charge of 35 cents. The most recent increase was instituted in 2001, increasing MARTA's flat fare of $1.50 to $1.75.
The system used engraved bronze tokens until 2006, when the Breeze fare system went online. A paper reloadable Breeze ticket is only effective for 90 days and costs 50 cents, in addition to the usual transit fare; a plastic reloadable Breeze card is designed to last four years and is free until 1 July 2007, after which time it will cost $5.
To enter a rail station simply tap a Breeze ticket/card onto the designated blue circle, then move through (gates close quickly). A bus-to-rail transfer, or a rail-to-bus transfer, will work automatically, without any intervention from the rider.