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30 Oct 2006--A douche and turd situation

So now it's time for a little Georgia politics. I can't help it after reading the news today. Governor Perdue's still got a huge lead on poor Mark Taylor, in every part of the state, no less. This I learned from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website:

"Perdue, who in 2002 became the state's first Republican governor since Reconstruction, led Taylor in every region of the state, according to the latest numbers."

If you couldn't tell so quickly, I'm not a fan of Sonny. My personal opposition, though, is mainly centered on the way he constantly shuns mass transit if it doesn't involve gigantic diesel-powered buses through downtown Atlanta. The assumption I've held is that, since Mark Taylor is with the Democrats, he'd probably be more willing to embrace the funding of actual rail transit, and I think I'm right. Still, it's painfully obvious that neither candidate is really an objective winner.

For the non-Georgia folk: Sonny Perdue decided to use his gubernatorial status to buy a 19.5 acre swath of land adjacent to Disney World (which, by the way, is not in Georgia) at an oddly low price of $2 million. Soon afterward, he helped to pass a bill allowing Georgians who sell property in Georgia and buy land in another state to defer capital gains taxes. The man who sponsored this bill was the very same Representative Larry O'Neal who had sold him some land in Georgia in 2003. It's hard for most thinking Georgians who know this to like Sonny, I would guess. Even my Dad's leery of him.

On the other side of things, Mark Taylor and his current ex-wife were users of marijuana and cocaine around the early 1980's; then again, so was my aunt around that time, and I wouldn't pass up voting for her if she ran for any position now. Mark was further accused of having imbibed himself on several occasions in the same decade, while driving with his young son in the car. What I can conclude from this is that he shows some fierce redneck tendencies as far as drug abuse; Sonny shows it in generally being a shady businessman. I do still wish Cathy Cox had passed the primary, but we've never had a female governor. Maybe the people still weren't ready, whatever that phrase means.

I do encourage to vote for Mark people who read this, agree and are of age. I'd only go about it as choosing the lesser of two evils, though, but that's still an important vote. We have enough silt in the rivers, I think, and fallen trees from roadbuilding; we have enough smog in the heat of summer; and we have way more than plenty of ridiculous expectations imposed on the now financially-lean MARTA. This is pretty much what would determine my vote if I were born two years earlier.

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