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7 Nov 2006--Why, Georgia?

I have just now read of Governor Sonny Perdue's reelection victory, and the only thing that caught me off-guard was his wide margin over Mark Taylor--63% to 33%. I'm flabbergasted. Granted, Mark was somewhat reminiscent of a fat guy in a wifebeater, but how could so many people actually like Sonny? I wouldn't know. Maybe they honestly couldn't vote for a Democrat.
So, then, as for what this means for our state until 2010, unless Sonny dies in office: more depressing news about metro Atlanta's truly sad (and disproportionately paved) transportation network, and more sneaky initiative to help upper-middle-class white suburbanites' votes count more than others'. Depressed is an understatement for how I feel right now, especially considering that I probably go to school with a gaggle of Catholic Sonny fans whom I'll never come close to understanding.
Oh, but wait--he's the "pro-life" candidate. Wow. Good for him. All he has to do is show up at the gigantic pro-life parade, once, and they love him. Could I possibly even call them desperate idiots who never themselves bother to, like, carry signs around or even just step outside an abortion clinic to pray? I've never seen my principal do that, and my mom and I have done it a few dozen times in the past three years. Obviously, abortion is the one and only reigning issue for this circle of Georgia transplants, and I wonder if environmental and mass transit concerns aren't, like, dead last for them.
What is it with this state? I mean, a lot of the Republican fans are recent arrivals from the most heavily Democrat parts of the United States--or maybe it's just my Catholic school. And then there's the bonafide Bubbas (see the "huntin' and fishin'" amendment. These two factions pretty much control the Capitol, I've found.
And now I have to finish up my homework. These religion questions are making me absolutely giddy. Seriously--I'm learning that any nation whose laws don't recognize Catholicism as the one true religion are actively against it. I'm starting to want to smack the stupid out of certain folks.

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